To help states explore their options for Medicare-Medicaid integration, ICRC created State Pathways to Integrated Care. This tool shares steps that states can take to advance integration, beginning with relatively simple administrative actions and moving to more advanced activities involving delivery system changes.

The tool provides key considerations and resources related to:

  • Understanding Your Dually Eligible Beneficiaries
  • Assessing Environmental Factors and Opportunities to Integrate Care
  • Addressing Foundational Issues in Integrating Care
  • Integrated Care Paths
    • Managed Fee-for-Service Options
      • Medicaid Health Homes
      • Managed Fee-for-Service Model Demonstrations
      • Primary Care Case Management
    • Capitated Managed Care Options
      • Capitated Model Demonstrations
      • Managed Long-Term Services and Supports
      • Dual Eligible Special Need Plan (D-SNP) Contracting
      • Advanced D-SNP Contracting Options
      • Programs of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
      • State-Specific Models
    State Pathways to Integrated Care

    States can use this tool to explore their options and chart their own path toward integration. ICRC is available to help to states interested in advancing Medicare-Medicaid integration for their dually eligible beneficiaries. For more information, see One-on-One Technical Assistance.