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  • Other Resource | June 2017

    Los Angeles & Orange County Cal MediConnect Plans Pilot Projects to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations for Nursing Facility Residents

    This blog describes pilot projects recently launched by six Cal MediConnect plans in Los Angeles and Orange County that will test interventions to reduce avoidable hospitalizations and other adverse events for nursing facility residents. (California Department of Health Care Services)
  • Other Resource | May 2015

    One Care Videos

    In these videos, consumers enrolled in the One Care demonstration describe how the program has benefitted them. (Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services | Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC))
  • Other Resource | February 2015

    Cal MediConnect Explained: Enrollment Options and Resources with Jane Ogle

    This video for potential Cal MediConnect enrollees shows what the passive enrollment letters and envelopes look like, guides beneficiaries through their enrollment options, explains integrated care, benefit of care coordinators care teams, and the… (California Department of Health Care Services)
  • Other Resource | September 2014

    Stakeholder Engagement Initiative

    This webpage describes an initiative to redesign California's Medi-Cal stakeholder engagement process, including an online survey of stakeholders. (California Department of Health Care Services)
  • Other Resource | September 2012

    California's Duals Demonstration: A Transparent and Inclusive Stakeholder Process

    This presentation describes California's current stakeholder engagement process, plans for on-going advisory groups, and ways to solicit on-going feedback. (California Department of Health Care Services)
  • Other Resource

    California State Website

    The CalDuals website provides information on Cal MediConnect -- the capitated model Financial Alignment Initiative in California. (California Department of Health Care Services)