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Key 2021 Medicare Advantage Dates

This calendar of key Medicare Advantage (MA) dates was developed to assist states and health plans in the implementation of integrated care programs for people dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. For a complete list of MA and Part D Prescription Drug plan (PDP) dates for calendar year 2021 and early 2022, see: https://hpms.cms.gov/app/ng/home/

The dates in this calendar are for 2021 (and early 2022) Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan activities. The exact dates of activities in future years are subject to change.

Contract Year (CY) 2021 Notices for Applicable Integrated Plans

Please see the attached memorandum entitled "Contract Year (CY) 2021 Notices for Applicable Integrated Plans: “Coverage Decision Letter”, “Letter about Your Right to Make a Fast Complaint” and “Appeal Decision Letter”" from Sharon Donovan, Director, Program Alignment Group, Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office. The memorandum describes the notices available for D-SNPs that are applicable integrated plans. 

Updated Guidance for Medicare Advantage Organizations

This memo provides answers to questions related to two CMS memos released on April 21 and April 23 for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans (including D-SNPs and Medicare-Medicaid Plans (MMPs)) describing guidance for plans related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This guidance contains several points of potential interest for states with integrated care initiatives.