The Integrated Care Resource Center (ICRC) offers tailored technical assistance to states at all levels -- those just beginning to explore options for integrated care and those in the thick of program design or implementation. In addition to supporting states individually, ICRC facilitates small-group meetings that bring together states to discuss specific topics of shared interest or explore solutions to common challenges. Following are examples of the technical assistance that ICRC has provided:

  • “Translation” of federal Medicare program rules and their impact on states into accurate, digestible, and usable information;
  • Coordination of Medicare-Medicaid program elements to align with specific state Medicaid programs and to resolve operational misalignments with Medicare (e.g., marketing, data sharing, grievance procedures, etc.);
  • Support for development of program documents such as contracts and MIPPA contracts for states and Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs); waivers; and stakeholder communication and education materials; and
  • Development of communication plans for engaging stakeholders, including Medicare and Medicaid providers.
  • Creation of customized state data profiles.

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